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Brand Design & Shopify Website for Simplement & Co.

modern feminine website design on tablet mockup

Erin on Demand came to me wanting to officially brand her best-selling Top 3 Notebook, a unique combination of a daily planner and action-oriented goal-setting system. Erin's vision for her brand and product was clear – minimalist, comfortable, modern, and clean. So that's exactly what we did!

Minimalist Brand Design

We started with the foundation of her brand; understanding her values, mission, future goals and customer-base. Erin wanted to accentuate the key words behind the brand name itself, "simple" and "implement", while still keeping a clean & modern look without overdoing it.

We then explored various color palettes, fonts, and design elements that would that would resonate with her target audience and capture the essence of the product's unique offering. We wanted a clean and minimalist look, with a touch of warmth and comfort, but decided to add a pop of lime green to the color scheme to add elements of fun and creativity to the brand.

Minimalist brand design for stationary business
Minimalist logo design for stationary business

Notebook Design

Next, we turned our focus to the product design. Erin had a earlier version of the Top 3 Notebook, but wanted to upgrade the inner planning pages and refresh the cover design to match the brand's new aesthetic.

We discussed the key features of the product and how it could be designed to make the goal-setting process even more straightforward and visually appealing. To enhance the product's minimalist look, we incorporated subtle design elements, including a custom logo and a simple note-taking system with clean lines for the daily, weekly and monthly pages.