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Free Stock Photography Websites for Modern, Elegant Brands

free stock photo websites for modern elegant brands

The visual imagery you use for your business plays a MAJOR role in capturing the attention of your audience.

For modern and elegant brands seeking stunning stock photography, there are several reliable websites that offer a plethora of free and premium options. In this blog post, we're going to highlight some of our favorite resources that we use for our custom design projects as well as our DIY website templates.

Make sure to read to the end, because we are sharing a PRO TIP that will help you find the perfect imagery to match your brand!

Unsplash is a popular choice among creatives due to its extensive library of high-resolution images. It features a minimalist and elegant collection of visuals suitable for modern brand aesthetics.

Unsplash offers all its photos for free under the Unsplash license, allowing users to modify and use images for both personal and commercial purposes without attribution! Below is a sample of what you can find on their website.

Unsplash free stock photo by Roberto Nickson

Vecteezy is a great source for free vector graphics, such as illustrations, icons, and patterns. However, they also offer free and premium stock photos.

You can use the filter options to browse by free license images and explore collections by your favorite artists. For free license images, you must attribute the artist or you can join Vecteezy Pro to get unlimited downloads.

beautiful tan woman with beige dress standing holding arm
A free stock photo by Viorel Kurnosov

The ever-popular Canva is a website known for it's creative design tools, but they also have a huge library of pro stock photos available. There's a Free and a Pro plan, with Pro offering a better selection. But you can still find plenty of excellent quality images to choose from in the Free version!

Want to try Canva Pro free for 30 days? Click my link here to get started!

Canva also offers the ability to filter your image search by color, which makes it super easy to find photos that perfectly match with your brand or website.

Canva free stock photo by Tubarones Photography

Kaboom Pics specializes in providing stylish, feminine, and modern photos that resonate with elegant brand aesthetics. The website offers both free and premium collections, with the free images available for personal and commercial use without attribution.

Kaboom Pics' curated galleries and search functionality make it easy to find images that align with specific themes and moods.

Kaboom Pics free stock photo

Pexels is a popular platform offering a diverse collection of high-resolution images that cater to modern and elegant brand aesthetics. All photos on Pexels are released under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, allowing for free usage without attribution.

Like a few other websites we've mentioned, Pexels also allows you to browse entire collections by the same artists. PRO TIP: One of our favorite features that you get with Pexels (that you won't get with many others) is the ability to search through photos by HEX color codes to ensure your stock images stay on-brand!

Pexels also provides you with stunning stock video to enhance your website and social media with movement to engage your audience even more.

The combination of these convenient features and stunning imagery makes Pexels our #1 choice for free stock photography!

Pexels free stock photo by Natalia Solodun


Finding the perfect stock photography for modern, elegant brands has never been easier, thanks to a selection of reliable stock photogaraphy websites.

Unsplash, Vecteezy, Canva, Pexels, and Kaboom Pics all offer an array of completely free options that cater to the aesthetic preferences of sophisticated brands.

So whether you need high-resolution images, stock video, or feminine shots, these platforms provide an extensive range of visuals to elevate your brand's aesthetic without breaking the bank.



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